BALASUNDARAM P (2007) Like isn’t an atmosphere: faith and you may handicap in the context of impoverishment

BALASUNDARAM P (2007) Like isn’t an atmosphere: faith and you may handicap in the context of impoverishment

Log off Religion, Impairment & Wellness eleven (2) 15-twenty two. Mcdougal accounts and interprets talks into the religious activities within this good self-let selection of mothers that have somewhat handicapped students and fulfilling month-to-month more years, really terrible part of South Delhi. Of young adults to women in its 50s, these types of mothers come from some other believe experiences, and lots of had reached Delhi out-of outlying portion. Very had received zero important assistance from agencies of their own spiritual people, as well as had to come across their own varied answers to inquiries of fault, guilt, karma, the will out-of Goodness, or other spiritual factors, amidst the stress out of have a tendency to stigmatising societal perceptions.

BALODHI JP & Chowdhary, J Roy (1986) Psychological basics when you look at the Atharva Veda: an assessment. Indian Log from Psychiatry twenty-eight: 63-68. Temporary review. Acknowledges “significant argument” ranging from symbolic, etymological, otherwise literal interpretations from Vedic terminology.

BARTHOLIN T (1672) De morbis biblicis miscellanea medica. next edition. Frankfurt. 133 pp. Select note on the earlier in the day goods. Today’s functions along with starred in English transl. from the J Willis, in the a model typed 1994, Copenhagen.

AL-BASIT, Musa (2000) Huquq al-Mu`awwaqin fi al-Shari`a al-Islamiyya [Rights of your own disabled about Islamic Shariah.] Um este Fahem: Markaz al-Dirasat al-Mu`asira. [Not viewed. Inside the Dr Rispler-Chaim’s “Impairment inside the Islamic Legislation” (listed below, 2007, find pp. 123-134, as well as notes and records pp. 152-153) their unique English translation off “a portion” regarding Dr al-Basit’s functions seems, which have permission. This quantity to a broad-varying article out-of a lot more than 6000 terms and conditions, dealing with meanings and you may types of handicap, duties and you may debts out-of handicapped people, Islamic an approach to end impairment, ethical, spiritual and you can psychological worry provided to help you handicapped persons within Islam, certain celebrated Muslims having handicaps, procedure specifications to possess handicapped individuals, and you can recommendations regarding Qur’an, hadiths or other literature.]

BAUMANN Age (1886) Deaf-and-dumb Ellen and exactly how she became a Christian. Indian Women Evangelist 8: 241-244. Details of the training regarding good deaf Indian youngster (later on baptised ‘Ellen’) who had been discovered quit regarding the jungle, within the a great feral condition, and you may is lead house because of the author’s father, a missionary in the Chupra. Unaware of one basic signal code, Miss Baumann learned so you’re able to converse with Ellen by a system off body language, and you will claimed the fresh new sluggish degrees which she turned aware of Ellen’s cleverness and you will improvements when you look at the spiritual information, coordinated because of the significant changes in their own individual and societal conduct.

BAZNA, S ) Impairment regarding Qur’an: the latest Islamic alternative to identifying, enjoying and you can based on impairment. Log from Religion, Handicap & Health nine (1) 5-27pares old-fashioned perceptions out koblet her of related messages, which includes modern position to the impairment. Explores the latest definitions of some disability-related conditions once the offered during the early 14th century Lisan ul-Arab (Beirut: Dar Ehia al-Tourath al-Arabi) because of the Ibn Manzur [c. 1230-1311], an enormous lexicon accumulated based on before dictionaries.


BENZAHRA, Saloua Ali (2002) Icon of your disabled during the Arab / Islamic community and you can books out-of North Africa and the Middle eastern countries. Unpubl. doctoral thesis, Univ.

Member of a family group out-of respected medical authors, Bartholin produced particular degree specifically into the handicap

BERTRAM G (1967) [Greek] mOros. In: G Kittel (ed) Theological Dictionary of your own New testament, transl. GW Bromiley, pp. 832-847. Grand Rapids MI: Eerdmans. Discusses inside higher outline the fresh new Greek keyword and you can relevant terminology, variously definition ‘foolish, dull-witted, feeble-minded’ from the New testament and you will earlier literary works, which have copious records.

The BHAGAVADGITA to the Sanatsugatiya together with Anugita (1898) next edition, transl. KT Telang, SBE 8. Oxford: Clarendon. Anugita ch. XXI, Brahma’s voice identifying dark and you can ignorance, along with immaturity of intellect, decreased discrimination, stolidity (pp. 317-23). Individuals with for example characteristics try evil-doers, destined getting resurgence given that animals, demons, idiots, deaf and dumb etc.

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