Fastened, Tied Down (Harsh Cyclists, #4)

Fastened, Tied Down (Harsh Cyclists, #4)

While the alluring cowgirl establishes his blood unstoppable, Cord is determined to withstand AJ’s work to lasso their battered cardio. But AJ actually prepared to be happy with below the complete shootin’ fits with her west knight.

Sweet AJ has the ability to repair-or heel-the new gruff cowboy…except if Cord’s pleasure keeps him of admitting its dating is more than a simple roll regarding the hay.

Warning: This guide include lewd sex scenes that may performs you toward a great soap quicker than simply a beneficial winded pony, graphic language, imaginative entry to baling twine, and nekkid cowboy lovin’. shorter

Businesswoman Skylar Ellison are firmly in control of their unique existence. Very taking tied up that have an excellent alluring Wyoming cowboy-and you may conceiving an infant from the parking lot out of good honky-tonk-wasn’t in her bundle. Because seems the daddy has taken of to have eco-friendly pastures, the thing to-do are pull-up her bootstraps and you may carry on alone.

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