Connected home

more connected, smartest,
more yours.


With LYNX you can control all your Bandalux blinds from anywhere. It also allows you to add other devices to your smart home.

What are the advantages of a connected home?

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More control: Lighting, temperature, devices… Access to all information and full control, even when you’re not at home.

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More safety: a system that allows you to create presence simulation, scheduled device activation… Peace of mind.

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More efficiency: Save time, simplify your day-to-day life and reduce energy consumption.

Take advantage of all the potential of LYNX

Take your home to the highest level with LYNX accessories: Wall Mote, Tri Sensor and Smart Plug. 

A new light concept in your connected home.

LYNX opens up a world of possibilities. Make efficient use of the sunlight and save time on household chores. For example, you can control and schedule your blinds according to time, temperature, light and movement.

Reduce your electricity bill thanks to LYNX smart blinds and increase your quality of life and wellness in your new smart home.


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