Smart blinds

More convenience
for your everyday life.

The future you imagined is already here


An open system that can be expanded at any time, allowing new blinds and devices to be added whenever you want.


Check the position of your Bandalux blinds at any time and from anywhere, thanks to the bi-directional technology.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play technology: the system will be ready to use as soon as you connect it to the internet.


Location-based scenes activation. Thanks to your mobile phone’s GPS, Geofencing technology allows to detect when you are near or far from your home in order to execute the scheduled orders.

It’s easy to enjoy LYNX at home

Go to a Bandalux sales point and ask for LYNX operating system for your new blinds.

Required components: Gateway and Smart Drive.


Free service with no hidden costs or conditions.


We configure your smart blinds and the installer leaves them ready for use.


We provide you with aftersale and technical support.

Bandalux makes it easy for you

Our LYNX application allows you to control any type of Bandalux curtain, blind, awning or other solar management system from a mobile device, or a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Free service with no hidden costs or conditions.


Bandalux configures your home and the installer leaves it ready for use.


Bandalux provides you with aftersale and technical support.


What happens if I lose my Internet connection at home? Don’t worry, use the Wall Mote to execute your orders even if you have lost the internet connection.


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