These tutorials will show you how easy it is to use LYNX. Add a new user, create a new scene, personalize your devices…

Easily navigate the LYNX app

The app is intuitive and easy to use. Browse through the menus and learn how to use the app with this video tutorial.

Intelligence in all the rooms of the house

Set smart blinds for each roomof your home according to your needs.

Personalize your smart blinds

Change the settings of your blinds and choose your favorite position.

Optimize the use of devices

Learn how to edit settings to improve the use of movement and temperature sensor as well as other devices connected to LYNX. 

Connect your whole family

Add new users or edit existing ones, so that your whole family can activate the blinds from their mobile phone or via voice control.

Create as many scenes as you want

Learn to create an endless range of personalized scenes and programs to set the perfect mood for each moment: relaxed, festive, movie night…

Customize your scenes to the maximum

Create scenes with as many conditions as you need. You can define a welcome program to find everything just as you want when you get home and when you leave. For example, you can make the dining room blinds go down at the same time every day, or make them do something based on the parameters that you choose…

Adapt LYNX to your timetable

You can create scenes for different times of the day. For example, you can set a blind to go down every Monday at 6.00 pm.

Create scenes with the LYNX sensor

Learn to create scenes with the temperature, light and movement sensor. For example: The bedroom blind goes down if the temperature rises above 21º.

Make the most of the wall switch

Learn to create scenes using the Wall Mote, which allows you to execute your orders even if your Internet connection has gone down.