Yeah, yeah, but thought it’s you to definitely less situation that could fuck your

Yeah, yeah, but thought it’s you to definitely less situation that could fuck your

() : for similar requires while the CIA. Which can be important because it means you to better, it indicates one

() : there’s a lot of most other Western issue segencies that like was most aggravated at all of them, but b this means you to, yeah, indeed there its desires are very that often lined up toward CIA, however, they’re not really a cut-out to them. He’s got style of their particular question happening, and that very own material are overthrowing the us government away from Bolivia. Now Bohei Pok,

I do believe this really is a significant difference to attract as there are a great number of supply you will comprehend that often point out that the Moonies are good CIA front, plus they are maybe not an effective CIA side, Such insofar as there a buddy classification having things, simple fact is that Korean CIA

() : whoever Moon’s eg priceless help and translator, visits Lapause one to year and you will announced I have erected an excellent throne getting Father Moon about earth’s highest urban area, which is that’s higher. Okay. Yeah, So that the church together with made an effort to organize a beneficial seven thousand representative such as for instance thousand strong-armed on church, similar to whatever they tried to plan out an excellent Brazil and also you learn that it,

() : it was indeed there to help with the coup. And you will pursuing the coup, Carlos Mezza and you will Moonlight particularly head to each other plus they however, it that it so it this really is this is certainly eg within the day you to Reagan had shot, and they spend evening hoping to one another to possess Reagan’s wellness. Now, the good news is to possess Bolivia and you can unfortunately to own Moonlight, he chose a loss during the Mesa whoever bodies failure in the course of a great hail acus and you will protests.

() : You are sure that, you simply can’t, you can’t, you simply can’t see these, you are sure that. Yeah, Moon has a rather bad history choosing armed forces dictators. However, that it, regrettably was just the start of Moon’s field while the a sponsor out-of all over the world horror and you can Nazi dying squads. Today, within the nineteen eighty, Bohei Pok and you will Kim Sung When you look at the whose Kim Sung Inside the is ‘s the the previous Korean CIA channel chief in the

() : Mexico City, receive an organization, the new Confederation regarding Relationships into the Unity of your own Societies from America. Also it definitely nonsense label which they authored. Yeah, it’s terrible, practically nothing. Yeah, So basically it authored just with the intention that I am able to have the phrase c We U S A. Today c We You S a quickly gets a meeting set for just

() : this new terrible bulk murderers inside the Latin America. Uh. It held the first appointment about military when you look at the for the Uh Yeah. The newest army dictator Elsfredo Strassner’s Paraguay Bohipok said off Strassner, estimate, I believe they are another type of people chosen of the Jesus to perform their country. Strassner instance did an effective genocide resistant to the Cha individuals and just have such as for instance performed Process Shape certainly almost every other

It’s style of funny

() : things that when we were consistently getting a lot more to your condor from inside the good 2nd. Yeah. Um. And additionally likely to ci read this article United states meetings is Domingo Monterrasa, that head out of Este Salvador’s Vehicles Cuddle Battalion who’s most widely known to accomplish this exist Yeah. Yeah, yeah, those are a couple of battle crimers immediately. Yeah. So-so

() : monter monter Rosa surprisingly is also educated by a different person in the Balti Communist Group, Taiwan, whoever military is also degree demise squads, such as sorts of synchronous. I am talking about, a few of that you will be carrying it out because of Category, some of us undertaking by themselves, but they are also knowledge such as for example passing squads around the Latin America. Today it’s uncertain to me in the event the monter Rosa such as for example in fact gotten money from Moonlight, but such as for instance generally all of the

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