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Your website are a social media system that needs a registration to engage having painters and you will stuff founders
Just how to remove OnlyFans account 2021: All you need to discover

What is OnlyFans? Members can subscribe to their favourite creators and artists, showing admiration and support and revolutionising the online creative content industry. However, with over 100 million registered users worldwide, some may wonder how to delete a membership. has answers to all of your questions.

OnlyFans has over 100 million users worldwide and has revolutionised the adult content creation industry. Photo Illustration by Sheldon Cooper
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Find out how you can deactivate your OnlyFans profile from your computer or cellphone and what will happen to your account after that. If you wish to swap over to another platform, has provided you with alternatives.

How to remove OnlyFans account 2021

Is OnlyFans easy to cancel? It takes only five simple steps to deactivate your membership, but make sure of your decision because it is not always easy to restore it once deleted.

  1. Log in to your account and go to the «Setup» tab.
  2. On the left pane, click «Membership
  3. Now, put in the passcode shown in the image and choose «Erase Account.«
  4. To verify, click «Yes, Remove.«

If I delete my OnlyFans account, can I get it back?

Most membership deactivations are permanent, and it is possible to erase your account with no way of recovering it completely. As a backup, click «Down load Facts» if you want to preserve photographs and other data from your profile before selecting «Remove Membership» from the drop-down menu.

How to delete OnlyFans account from mobile:

  1. Log in at onlyfans
  2. Throughout the lower best corner of one’s screen, come across your reputation.
  3. Select «Settings«.
  4. At the top menu bar, select the (account) symbol.

How to delete my OnlyFans account with money in my wallet?

You will not be able to transfer funds back to your debit or credit card once you have completed a transfer from your bank to your Onlyfans wallet. However, after you deactivate your membership, you will still have access to your profile and wallet for about a month. So, while you will not be able to get the cash on hand, you will be able to use the funds in your wallet on the Onlyfans platform within a month of terminating your membership.

How to delete OnlyFans account without logging in

If you don’t need to log into your website, you are able to deactivate their subscription via e-post. Pursue this type of simple steps:

What happens when you delete your OnlyFans account?

For individuals who deactivate their membership, you happen to be instantly unsubscribed on the blogs founders and painters you had been before associated with. On top of that, all of your images, video, or other material might possibly be permanently cleaned from your reputation.

When you’re a content publisher and remove your own reputation, this new deactivation doesn’t immediate. Your bank account will only getting permanently signed once your last effective membership features ended, along with your fans will not be able so you can renew the fresh new subscription thereafter.

Manage I get my personal money basically delete my OnlyFans?

Unfortunately, no money will be refunded to you once your subscriptions are cancelled and your membership has been discontinued. Regardless of your activity on OnlyFans, once you have subscribed to an artist, you have access to their content and, therefore, must be billed.

Alternative networks

In , OnlyFans decided to remove all sexual material, which was a significant portion of their content. The restriction has now been lifted; however, it is unclear whether or not it will be reinstated. If you are considering switching platforms as a user or content creator, has you sorted. Here is a shortlist of alternative websites to investigate:


This platform was started in 2017 and allows adult content to be shared among the subscribed users. Additionally, creators receive 75% of all subscriptions and additional assistance with Snapchat and other features associated with the platform.

AVN Stars

AVN Media Network, a specialist in the adult entertainment sector, established Adult Films Development Famous people. Creators can choose to work on a subscription basis or a pay-per-clip basis. The revenue share is the same as OnlyFans, at 20% of the subscription fee.


One of the newer platforms, Loyalfans, was only created in 2020 but has some unique features. Not only do the creators earn a whopping 80% of their subscription fees, but there are additional fees for referrals. In addition, it offers model and fan recommendation bonuses, enabling models to earn money when one of their followers subscribes to another model.

If you find yourself spending too much on subscriptions, are unhappy with the content, or have another reason to delete your OnlyFans profile, there is a simple solution. Although you will not be refunded for any of your payments, it takes just a few simple steps to deactivate your membership. Your profile will be deleted permanently, so ensure that all necessary data is saved first.

Iconic influencers such as Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne and Cardi B are making millions off of their OnlyFans accounts. Find out which other stats have become top earners on this platform.

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